Monday, October 18, 2010

BASSE TAILLE SHOWCASE - Art Gallery of Regina

MELODY ARMSTRONG - Artist Statement
Title: Basse Taille

Basse-taille is an enamelling technique in which I create a low-relief pattern on copper using the etching process, a translucent enamel is then applied to the metal, allowing light to reflect from the relief and creating an interesting effect.
My objective is to explore and develop this technique, working with copper, enamel, sterling silver and gemstones to arrive at jewellery forms and small objects that elicit visual stimulus and tactile qualities.
My jewellery is born through a diligent creative process of vision, design rendering, and then using my metalsmithing skills to form and manipulate the materials into my desired intension. My objective is to create intimate objects that offer a compelling reason for others to enter into the investigative realm. The scale of the jewellery is well suited for this pursuit, allowing me to build precious forms to draw one near, engendering intimate interactions.

The exquisiteness of these objects influence and inspire me to experiment with their qualities further. I am then inspired to paint these wonderful forms, giving them a dynamic two-dimensional perspective on a much larger scale, thereby challenging what is art and what is craft, and connecting functional and non-functional art.

I would like to thank the Saskatchewan Arts Board for providing me with assistance in the development of this body of work.