Thursday, September 9, 2010

Independent Artists Grant

Melody Armstrong is the recipient of a 2010 Independent Artists Grant.

Independent Artists grants support the creation, development or performance of new work in any art form, professional development for artists and research in the arts. These grants support the ongoing development of artistic practice in Saskatchewan, as well as independent curators and critics in all arts disciplines.


"My artistic objective is to continue to explore and develop as a Jewellery Artist working with sterling silver, gold, titanium, gemstones, and incorporating other experimental materials such as found objects and common elements. By the juxtaposition of industrial and naturally occurring forms, contrasting surface treatments, textures and color, my aim is to manipulate the materials to arrive at jewellery forms that elicit visual stimulus and tactile qualities.
My jewelllery is born through a diligent creative process of influence, design rendering, and then using my metalsmithing skills to form and manipulate the materials into my desired intension. My objective is to create intimate jewellery objects that offer a compelling reason for others to enter into the investigative realm. The scale of the jewellery is well suited for this pursuit, allowing me to build precious forms to draw one near, engendering intimate interactions. My aim is to create a group of compelling new wearable works that reflect the artistic possibilities of metal as jewellery. I now want to expand my ideas further through research and incorporating new techniques. I am very excited about how my recent work is leading me towards the development of a distinct and groundbreaking body of work.
I would like to push the limits and move beyond commercial restrictions to make room for extensive experimentation. Receiving this creative grant would allow me to devote twenty hours a week for six months, affording me the focus and the time needed to achieve a substantial body of work for the “Regina Jewellery Artists” curated exhibition at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery from March 4 to April 3, 2011. When completed I intend on documenting the work and submitting proposals to various other galleries across Saskatchewan."

Prairie Excellence: The Today and Tomorrow of Prairie Craft

Prairie Excellence: The Today and Tomorrow of Prairie Craft

Work by 12 Saskatchewan Fine Craft artists was selected for the prestigious exhibition Prairie Excellence: The Today and Tomorrow of Prairie Craft.

The 35 piece exhibition features the work of craft artists from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. It will be touring nationally and internationally for 3 years as a showcase for craft from the Canadian prairies.

267 entries were received by the selection committee, which consisted of Helen Delacretaz, Chief Curator and Curator of Decorative Arts at The Winnipeg Art Gallery; Karen Schoonover, Director/curator of the Art Gallery of Regina; and Mary-Beth Laviolette, independent curator, critic and author from Canmore, Alberta.

There was a two stage selection process. A short list was selected from photographs of work. A total of 56 shortlisted pieces were assembled in Edmonton for a final selection based on direct examination of the pieces by the selection committee. Work from emerging, mid-career, and established craft artists was all consciously selected.

Prairie Excellence will open at the Alberta Craft Council Gallery in Edmonton on October 2, 2010. The Saskatchewan unveiling will be at the Affinity Gallery (813 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon) on January 14. Negotiations for future showings are underway with galleries in Canada and the United States.

The exhibition is a joint project organized by the Saskatchewan Craft Council, the Alberta Craft Council, and the Manitoba Craft Council.

Prairie Excellence consists of 13 ceramics pieces, 7 metal, 5 fibre, 5 wood, 2 glass and 3 in other media. The total value of the work in Prairie excellence is almost $80,000.