Friday, March 11, 2011

International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day, and an appropriate day to see the current exhibition at the Affinity Gallery - FORM.
This exhibition by four Regina jewellers is appropriate for today not because of an intrinsic association between women and jewellery. Instead it's appropriate today because FORM is a show created by four talented women and curated by a fifth.

Some of the pieces in the exhibition are evocative of the issues that International Women's Day raises and some of the successes it celebrates. For example, Gail Daggett has three pieces made in tribute to the memory of her grandmother. One, Remnants, is built around the old wooden remains of her grandmother's shed. The necklace shows the lined, weathered beauty acquired by time - and how the modern age can transform, revitalize and celebrate the survival of the old. It's a transmission of strength and beauty across the generations of strong, talented women.

FORM was created by Gail Daggett, Shauna Mitru, Melody Armstrong and Megan Hazel, and curated by Marlo Gebhardt. It will be showing at the Affinity Gallery until April 15.

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